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Webeyez gives us X-Ray vision into the details of what is happening within our website

Sherry Shi

DVF Chief Brand Officer

Diane von Fürstenberg is an internationally known brand for women’s fashion, offering a unique collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories.


In the Spring of 2021, replatformed their website to Shopify+.
The process revealed several website issues impacting online conversions including: login and registration difficulties, slow page load speeds and errors in the Checkout and Shipping stages of the online funnel.

The DVF team leveraged analytical data from Google and Shopify+, however, the team still lacked insights explaining why issues occurred and the actionable steps needed to stop similar events from recurring.

We saw a 10.5% increase to conversions due to items identified by Webeyez

Blake Skjellerup

Director of eCommerce

Fredricks of Hollywood is a leading brand for lingerie and women’s intimates.


In 2020, Fredericks migrated to a new e-commerce platform, a process that resulted in several site performance challenges, a drop in conversion rates and impacted the online shopping experience of Frederick’s customers. The number of Customer Support tickets grew sharply as shoppers complained of add to cart issues, various goal failures, payment errors and slow page load times.

Webeyez gives us insights into to the health of our website

Chris Myers

Director of User Experience, eCommerce, Bronson Laboratories

Bronson Laboratories is US based healthcare company that produces quality nutritional products and health innovation for over 60 years.


Bronson Vitamins launched a new website in 2020 to provide its customers with an unparalleled online shopping experience. The new site contained a great interface and a smooth user journey with hundreds of unique and specialized products.

Webeyez identified the exact point where things were going wrong

Sharon Dagan

Resident Co Founder and CTO

Resident is a direct-to-consumer company that owns and operates multiple online brands which cater to different consumer furnishing needs.


To support the growing needs of their online clients, Resident sought a real time solution that could quickly measure site performance and detect any elements inhibiting the conversion process including: page load time, technical issues, validation errors.

Webeyez’ data insights + session recordings gave us a complete view of each issue

Daniel Engelman,

Technical Director Jellyfish Israel

Jellyfish the company represents a new kind of digital business, where agency services are combined with consultancy, training and cutting-edge technologies.


The Jellyfish Israel team sought a versatile “cross-team” solution that could bridge the gap between the technical issues identified on client’s websites and their impact on sales and conversion results.

Webeyez replicated site issues and helped clients and development teams prioritise issues

Ethan Roberts

Director, Bright Owl Digital

Bright Owl Digital is a technical development partner for small and medium-sized UK-based online retailers such as Atterley and Chemist 4U.


Historically, the team has used several tools to monitor and troubleshoot the technical performance of their customer’s websites. While useful, the tools were not revealing how technical issues were affecting the website from a business perspective.

Webeyez gives us the transparency to see how technical issues affect revenue and conversions

Ard Huisert

CMO and Head of IT and BI for QLF Brands

QLF Brands is a leading European online marketer that manages successful ecommerce shops such as and


The QLF Marketing team needed an “in-house” solution to accurately measure site performance and also gauge the frequency of technical events which affected conversion (QLF sites are built on the Magento Commerce/ Adobe eCommerce platform).


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