Identify critical issues impacting online sales, site abandonment, and user satisfaction

Webeyez analyzes real user data, in real-time,
to help marketing and sales teams identify technical issues impacting online revenue.



Super simple installation

No configuration or manual settings requried.
View your real users experience immediately.

Out of the box integration with:

  • Magento 1, Magento 2 (CE & EE)
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify (coming soon)

AI gets to work

All visitor interaction data are anonymously gathered and analysed in real-time, on an ongoing basis.

Technical issues preventing sales are automatically detected using advanced Artificial Intelligence.


Your site performance at a glance

You’re not a tech guy, no worries, Webeyez produces a high level site performance score that’s easy to understand.
View your current score versus historical average and compare to industry benchmarks.


Dig deeper as required

Webeyez helps you investigate anomalies, and understand their root cause.

Communicate issues to tech teams in a language they understand to ensure they get fixed.


Get Automatic Alerts

Get notified immediately when something is not working, and how much it’s costing you, to ensure that revenue loss is minimized.

What our customers are saying


Site Performance Score

Webeyez developed a site score so e-commerce and product managers can easily understand the technological status of their webshop without having any knowledge in technology.

By using Artificial Intelligence, Webeyez generates a high-level site score which presents a snapshot of the main technical issues impacting sales. The score is determined by calculating an aggregate of goal success rates, goal duration times, critical paths,  page load times, server, network and browser times etc.

Our anomaly detection algorithms detect and alert for drops in the score, and identify the root cause of each contributing factor.

Session Recording

Webeyez offers the first ever session recording solution designed for eCommerce websites. This enables you to view screen recordings of all unsuccessful goal attempts, and see the precise error the user received.

Examples include failed “Add to cart” events, “403 error” attempts when attempting to login, “Payment Failure” errors and much more.

Anomaly Detection

Webeyez harnesses the power of Machine Learning to automatically detect anomalies that are affecting sales.  This frees you up from having to stare at dashboards all day.

Our algorithms scan your site 24/7, monitoring each and every user interaction throughout their journeys. In the event that anomalies are detected, you’ll receive a real-time alert about the change in performance, details of the issue and its root cause.

Anomalies include error rates (e.g. payment errors, add to cart errors etc), absolute error counts and execution times (server, network and browser) for all call to actions on your site.


By running Webeyez reports you can easily understand

  • Lost payments tranactions
  • The most common goal errors
  • How much time it takes on average for each goal to execute (login, register, add to cart, view cart, chose billing method, chose payment, purchase)
  • Number of out of stock click users and visitors made
  • Campaigns and internal broken links. 404 page view report shows the number of 404 page views, their origin and the name of campaings pointing to the missing page

Goal analytics

Slice and dice your goal transactions one by one. With goal analytics it easier than ever to:

  • Quantity lost revenue per goal errors
  • View number of goal hits per time interval
  • Learn how much time on average it takes to execute each goal
  • View goal failure log and what caused it

Agency account

An agency account enables agency teams to create accounts for their clients and access their client’s data. Webeyez agency was designed for 3 main agency types

  • E-commerce hosting providers
  • Marketing performance agencies
  • E-commerce development agencies


Getting started couldn’t be easier – simply add our tracking code to your website,
and you’re up and running. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.