Digital Experience Monitoring
designed for e-commerce websites

Revolutionizing the way e-commerce website performance is tracked, measured and fixed

Webeyez next-generation digital experience monitoring platform monitors traffic and site activity, applies anomaly detection and machine learning technology to help commerce and tech guys automatically spot drops in business and technical performance and pinpoint the root cause of these events


There’s no need to guess what’s causing a drop in user experience — Webeyez pinpoints the root problem

Anomaly detection

Stop searching for issues.
Instead, receive immediate alerts when there’s a change in performance metrics

Granular Data

Don’t stop at page level performance metrics. Webeyez enables technology and devops teams to drill down to the resource level.


Use comprehensive filtering to make sense of performance data

Business Transaction Monitoring

With Webeyez end to end business transaction monitoring, you can track each transaction, learn where it’s failing, how much it’s costing you and what needs to be done to fix it.

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Console Logs

All of your real user’s console logs available and accessible in one central location. It became super easy to debug production events when you have all the data at your fingertips

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Alerts 2.0

By applying machine learning and anomaly detection algorithms, our advanced alert system notifies devops teams of any changes that affect site behavior and user experience.

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Real User Monitoring

Slice and dice data, cutting through multiple dimensions like device, performance, geo and more… all the way down to the resource level.

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Webeyez automatically monitors your web site deployment, including third party tags and code on page. Our platform will alert you on any change.

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Be the first to know your site is down. With Webeyez you can simulate desktop and mobile requests and search for a specific string in the response to make sure your website or API is up and running.

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Code Quality

Code quality not only provides metrics but an actionable report referring to specific DOM elements, CSS selectors or infrastructure setup. No more navigating through the unknown waters. Web performance becomes approachable.

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“Webeyez anomaly detection alerts and root cause analysis saved us more than once. Before Webeyez it took us a long time to figure out there is an issue an what caused it.”

Sharon Dagan, CTO

“Webeyez has increased sales by alerting about failing business transactions and pointing to the root cause”

Idan Alon, CTO

“Webeyez Real User Monitoring is super powerful and helps us monitor and debug hundreds of domains very easily”

Alon Engler, CTO

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