Your e-commerce site is leaking revenue

Find and fix hidden conversion barriers. Sell more.

Webeyez monitors every user journey to identify technical issues that prevent successful transactions, and to make sure they get fixed.

Website performance at a glance

A high level dashboard helps you visualise real-time website health from a business point of view, so you can easily spot technical issues that are impacting your business

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Every customer journey tells a story

Drill-down to the level of individual transaction errors, easily identify why they are occurring, how much they are costing you and what needs to be done to fix them

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Stay in the know

Custom alerts inform you of increases in transaction errors in real-time to make sure you can deal with small issues before they become large

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Bridging the gap between marketing and tech teams

Do you sometimes feel that you and your technical team aren’t on the same page? We’ll give you a common language so that together you can find and fix the technical issues that are most impacting business performance

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“Webeyez saves us time and money in detecting problems and getting them fixed. Previously it took us a long time to determine where issues existed, and what was causing them”.

Sharon Dagan, CTO

“Webeyez gives me real-time insights on where and why my customers aren’t converting. For the first time I have a common language with my technical team to ensure the issues are fixed”

Idan Alon, CTO

“We knew there were glitches on our site, but with Webeyez we no longer need to rely on hunches to find them. No more wild goose chases”

Alon Engler, CTO

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