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Webeyez empowers teams with the right insights in order to prioritize issues and perfect the online buyer experience


Goals Dashboard

Identify trends and insights from each goal step throughout the website. Reveal the cause of each goal failure and measure its impact to the customer.

Lost Revenue

Calculate the revenue loss of each site issue. Prioritize issues based on revenue loss, affected users and Session Recording.

Conversion Funnel

Measure the impact of critical errors
on each stage of your conversion funnel. Gain granular insight on the leading issues affecting online conversions.


Harness the power of AI based machine learning with real time alerts on site issues and critical events affecting online conversions.

Google Core Web Vitals

Improve your Google rankings with detailed insights of page load time and performance metrics.

Customer Feedback

Michael Cohen - Chief Product Officer at TERMINAL X

Webeyez gives me real-time insights on where and why my customers aren’t converting. For the first time I have a common language with my technical team to ensure the issues are fixed.

Sharon Dagan - CTO nectarsleep.com

Webeyez saves us time and money in detecting problems and getting them fixed. Previously it took us a long time to determine where issues existed, and what was causing them.

Ben Slor - CMO at Worthy.com

We knew there were glitches on our site, but with Webeyez we no longer need to rely on hunches to find them. No more wild goose chases.

Matan Alon - VP IS at JFrog

Webeyez helps us detect and react to each and every failed user action. We were driving blind until Webeyez turned on the lights.

Roni Perelman - Managing Director Israel at Jellyfish

Jellyfish use Webeyez daily, to monitor our client’s technology. This helps us identify where our e-commerce clients are losing money so that we can ultimately help increase their revenue.

Alon Slonim - CEO at Puritan

Webeyez translates website performance to a score I can easily understand. I view 100% of goal failure session recordings to visualize what issues my customers are running in to.

Eran Sion - CEO at 2DO! online shopper Marketing

Webeyez eliminated the endless discussions with our clients around explaining the drop in KPIs. Why are we selling less today? Did anyone touch the campaign? It has to be a tech issue! We can finally be proactive and alert our clients about lost revenue, in real time.

Seamless Integration

Webeyez works with all eCommerce platforms. Single click integration; immediate results.

Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify Plus, SAP Hybris, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop and Homegrown.

We also do custom integrations based on need.


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