Written by Amitai Sasson

How DvF Leveraged Webeyez to Solve Ongoing Customer Experience Friction Points


Diane von Fürstenberg is an internationally known brand for women’s
fashion, offering a unique collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories.

The DVF label was established by the iconic Belgium fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg (DvF) in 1972. Today DvF remains a recognized leader and innovator within the global fashion industry.

Since its launch in 2001, the DvF online store ( has quickly gained popularity as a destination website for fashion enthusiasts and online shoppers worldwide.


In the Spring of 2021, replatformed their website to Shopify+.
The process revealed several website issues impacting online conversions including: login and registration difficulties, slow page load speeds and errors in the Checkout and Shipping stages of the online funnel.

The DVF team leveraged analytical data from Google and Shopify+, however, the team still lacked insights explaining why issues occurred and the actionable steps needed to stop similar events from recurring.

Additionally, the process to gather user behavior insights required extensive research from multiple data sources; a process which was time consuming and much of the time resulted in inability to recreate and solve the issues.

“We saw the data, but we could not drill down to the actual customer behavior that was causing
the drop in online conversions.”
– Sherry Shi, DvF Chief Brand Officer

THE METHODOLOGY: partnered with Webeyez to implement an effective “Find and Fix” strategy aimed at mitigating friction points from their online funnel. DvF implemented Webeyez’ code seamlessly into their website (via GTM) which immediately identified details and trends from leading site issues.

By tracking real time customer failure points, DVF was able to quickly analyze the conversion and revenue impact of each goal failure and measure the impact to online conversions and lost revenue. This proved ultra valuable when prioritizing internal resources and deciding which issues to fix first.

“Webeyez helps my team gain a fuller understanding of site performance issues and how they impact our online sales.” – Sherry Shi, DvF Chief Brand Officer

Getting Anomaly Alerts as they happen reducing time to react


Since deploying Webeyez, DvF has increased its ability to quickly identify and fix online performance issues. The team gained full visibility into site activity and was able to recreate and solve customer issues.

“Webeyez enables us to take quicker action to the issues hurting sales.”
– Sherry Shi, DvF Chief Brand Officer

By deploying Webeyez, DvF was able to achieve multiple wins:

  1. Reduced the MTTR (Mean Time to React) by 30%.
  2. Drastically improved PLP (Category) page load times by optimizing images.
  3. Identified failing customer promotional codes. Reducing customer frustration.
  4. 404 page monitoring allowed DvF to identify multiple news articles about the brand that featured past season’s clothing line that were causing customers to reach the 404 page of the company.

“Webeyez enables us to deeply understand what is happening on our website. I can’t imagine running our website without it.” – Sherry Shi, DvF Chief Brand Officer


Webeyez is an eCommerce Intelligence platform that identifies all issues impacting the online experience and causing lost revenue.