Webeyez tech score

Tech score

Tech score translates and quantifies the technological state of the e-commerce website into a score which is easy to understand

The score ranges between 1 and 100, the higher the score, the better.

So… how does Webeyez calculate the score?

By utilizing machine learning, Webeyez calculates a score for each goal and each step of the funnel. When clicking on a goal you can see its score which is based on the success rate and the duration of the goal execution.

Success rate takes into account only technical errors, not validation errors.

Funnel step score is calculated based on the network, server and browser time.

Tech score report presents critical information such as lost payments, which means, how many visitors tried paying, failed, and didn’t have a successful payment transaction in the same session. 

Lost cart shows how many visitors TRIED adding to cart, failed, and had no successful add to cart transaction in the same session. 

Login and registration abandonment show how many visitors TRIED logging in or registering, failed and abandoned the website.

Clicking on lost payment and lost cart will direct you to a detailed report for each event.