Webeyez intro


Webeyez intro

Does this scene look familiar to you? Companies struggle with the true reasons behind declining online sales and site abandonment.  It could be a mistargeted Marketing, poor Sales strategy or maybe it’s the technical issues on the site?  It could also be a combination of all three.  But how can a company really monitor and measure everything? 

61% of abandoned checkouts are due to technical difficulties, but solving these issues, let alone detecting them in the first place, is in many times impossible.

What you need is Webeyez!

The Webeyez Find and Fix solution identifies the critical issues impacting online sales, site abandonment and user satisfaction.

Webeyez automatically detects all underperforming technology and errors from the site and assesses their revenue impact on the conversion funnel.  This helps teams quickly prioritize which issues require immediate attention.

Webeyez allows your team to quickly identify and assess the technical issues negatively affecting your online user experience and your bottom line. Contact us for your free demo today!