Business goals

Business Goals

The business goals report contains detailed information for each and every goal on your e-commerce website. 

If your conversion rate dropped or customers are complaining they have issues with adding to cart, logining in or checking out, business goals is the place to analyze.

The left pane’s functionality is similar to an inbox on a mail client. Clicking on each goal loads the goal details. By default, goals are sorted by the number of goal transactions. You can change the sorting by choosing different options from the sorting menu.

Sorting by the number of failures helps view the goal with most errors. You can also filter the error type, if it’s a technical error or validation error. 

To pinpoint a specific device or browser choose the group-by option.

The top ribbon of the right pane is a summary of the most important information below. Comparing the selected time frame to the past 7 days is easy as the top row’s data is per the selected time frame. In this case it represents the last 24 hours while the bottom row will always show the past 7 days.

Using the charts below you can answer the following questions.

Is there an increase in goal execution time?

Is there an increase or drop in the number of goal hits?

Is the server responding with errors?

What’s the distribution of the goal duration? Is there a long tail of slow goals?

And finally, view the failure log per date, time, page, request content and error.