The Ultimate Guide To Recover Lost Revenue

As an e-commerce leader, you need to be able to find and fix any issues on your site fast. But navigating the sea of digital experience analytics tools can be difficult, and a lot of the current options are surprisingly lousy.

We wrote this guide because online businesses deserve better. You deserve better.

Check out how a digital experience analytics platform can help your business (less marketing fluff, more dollars and cents) and what you should expect your digital experience platform to be able to do.

All that and lots more in our new Ultimate Guide to Recover Your Lost Revenue – grab a free copy now.

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Digital experience analytics, decoded

How can you know if you need a digital experience analytics tool if you don’t know what it is? Read up on the ins and outs of these tools and how real-world retailers rely on them to pinpoint where your site is leaking revenue – and why.

10 questions to ask any digital experience vendor

When you’re looking for the perfect digital experience analytics vendor, ask these 10 questions to make sure they address the gaps of existing tools like Google Analytics, top-down solutions, and in-house analytics