Business transaction dashboard – February 19, 2019

We’ve been listening to our user base feedback and so here are a couple of new features that will help you understand how to get more sales out of your site. Introducing the Business Transactions Dashboard – now live and available on login.

Are tech issues causing lost sales?

With the new dashboard you can now view all successful and failed transactions in one place. For transactions which have a financial value like add to cart, checkout, order etc. you can see what the failed transactions are actually costing you.

It’s all in the details

Click on an individual transaction to drill down and view details including the number of successful and failed transactions, their value (where relevant) and the devices and browsers they are failing on.

So what actually failed – what’s the error?

Clicking on the “tech error details” tab displays the actual errors your real users received when trying to execute a specific business transaction. For example a validation error, timeout, server error (404, 500, …) etc.

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