Business transaction alert history and more – January 18, 2019

Business transaction alert history

The business alert history feature allows you to see all your alerts for the time period chosen. In this report, you’ll be presented with all alerts which are currently closed. To view the open alerts, click on the alerts tab in the left menu.

Technical analytics – Percentiles

You can now select not only average and median metric but percentiles too. For example, choosing the 90th percentile means 90% of your audience is loading at that value or faster.


Technical analytics – Period

You can view your data at different granularities. For example, you can choose a detailed view (1 minute), which can be useful when troubleshooting. You can choose a less detailed view (for example 1 hour), which can be useful when viewing a broader time range (for example 1 day) so that you can see trends over time.


New design

We’ve rearranged the top menu. Domain picker has moved slightly to the right and the global settings and log out can be found under your user on the top right


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